Rolex bets on Mexico for its latest artistic initiative

Mentors and Protected is the strongest artistic and philanthropic initiative currently created by a private company. The commitment that this house Geneva has with the arts arises in relation to the handmade way of creating their clocks, which also transfer to a commitment to the young talents of the world.

Started in 2002 with the idea of ​​"helping to perpetuate the world's artistic heritage", the project consists of convening a great teacher to spend a year collaborating intensely with a young talent that has been chosen by a group of specialists. Both work in collaboration so that the expert shares his knowledge and experience in such a way that at the end of the program the protégé creates an independent work, which is also financed by the house of Haute Horlogerie.


The project has been so enriching that year after year have joined categories and nowadays have seven: architecture, visual arts, dance, literature, music, cinema and theater. All of them are headed by top-level mentors, such as Martin Scorsese, Mario Vargas Llosa, Peter Sellars, Frank Gehry, and Alejandro González Iñárritu, to name a few.

Something remarkable about this program is its inclusive nature, since both mentors and protégés are sought to be from all over the world and in its 13 years has had participants from 40 countries. Nevertheless this is the first year in which a disciple is Mexican and is who is in the category of theater.


Mentors & Protégés has at the end of each session a celebration for the culmination of a cycle. This is done in a different place each time - the previous one was held in Venice - and this year is the first to be held in Latin America, precisely in Mexico. The closing will be in December during the "Rolex Arts Weekend".

The event will last two days at the Cultural Center of the Forest and will use multiple spaces and scenarios to carry out presentations that involve attendees in the essence of all the arts. Therefore, performances, exhibitions, installations, readings and talks are planned for both the disciples and other young talents. Also a documentary will be projected that narrates the creative year of each one of these collaborations.