Casa de Lola

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A boutique where you will find everything in one place.

From the most spectacular gifts, unique and special, to crafts, household items and clothes from incredible places around the world personally chosen by Lola.

Our goal is to pamper our customers and make them have a great time. Throughout the year we will offer you different fun and original promotions.


Some years ago, a niece of mine, Carmen Corcuera, who worked in the office of Graphic Design that we had my husband and I, she said:

- Lola, Why do not we do a bazaar?

- Where?

- In your house.


Oh yeah, haha ​​... I thought, but I got the idea in my head. I knew several suppliers because our clients, besides printing them,

we got everything they needed for their events. In addition, we had integrated a design area for wrappers and some gifts.

So Carmen and I decided to start the business. Our suppliers trusted us, we called everyone, we sent many invitations and in

November of 1998 we put the first "Open House at Lola's House" in San Angel!

It was very successful! I think it was thanks to the idea of ​​having all kinds of gifts for all types of people and to be able to buy all your Christmas.

In a short time we wrapped everything for gift and then we sent it to your house!

The bazaars lasted until 2004 and thanks to the great help of a very good friend of mine, we were able to do 2 every year; One in Las Lomas and the other in my house in San Angel.

My adventures in the East were also very important. Some of my best friends were Ambassadors in Singapore and I worked with them doing some presentations of Mexican jewelry

that were presented in the Festival of Mexico for the celebrations of September that organized the embassy and were very successful and welcome.

Thanks to this work and to my dear friends, I was able to go to Singapore several times, I had the opportunity to travel in Southeast Asia and buy merchandise for my bazaars.

In 2004, I had to move my office in San Angel where I was doing the bazaars. As "miracle" and Thank God, I found a pretty little house in Las Lomas,

where in a second I visualized that it could fit the office and "finally a store" together! Yup! My first store!